June 24, 2018


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Almost every mother can relate to this photo. Lol. Infact, some young moms have concluded that Potty Training is the hardest part of parenting and I think the photo above says it all!

Psychologists at the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) prove that readiness for potty training varies according to the child, but usually between 18 to 36 months, they are able to master continence for urine and pooing.

Now, everything you have read, tried, or heard about potty training is possibly right, but if its not working well, here may be the reasons!

1. YOU ARE TOO HARD ON YOUR CHILD & YOURSELF: You went for a family party and found your child’s peers without diapers, and you suddenly begin to worry about your child still using diapers. Please take a breath! 😊

That is uneccessary pressure, because children grow at different paces.

Try to begin as early as your child can say ‘Yes or No’ or point to his best toy. Let it flow naturally according to your child’s readiness. You really dont have to attend a parenting course on Potty Training. Lol

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2. YOU DONT CARE: Oops! Pardon me, this was meant to catch your attention, not neccessarily to sound harsh. If you had been lazy to change diapers, appropriately, follow basic toilet routines and you overdress your child all day, it may be hard for your child to potty-train within a short time.

Potty training could be another way of bonding with your child, using simple instructions, but if you dont care or begin these routines early enough, you may be frustrated.

You may begin with a simple bedtime or after-school routine of telling your toddler to the potty. Stick to it. Dont wait until the child messes up their pants before you introduce them to the potty.

Its not an easy task; but you can go the easy route by yourself with a simple routine.

3. THE CONDITIONS ARE UNFAVOURABLE: Maybe you are not making potty training fun enough or you use negative words instead of celebrating the little triumphs. Maybe the potty is positioned too far from the room and your child ends up pooing in their pants before she gets there?

Maybe you raise your voice each time they mess up their panties.

Could it be they dont like the pull-ups and just prefer to transition to the adult toilet.

Make it fun! Practicalise how to wash their hands after toilet use. Get fanciful potties especially those with faux flushing system. That could portray a sense of responsibility.

But in all, Patience is key. Dont overwork the child, as he will get over the potty training stage sooner than you think!

Cheers! You are great parent. 😍😍😍

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