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Giving Back To The Society

The rate of malnutrition in Nigeria and across Africa is alarming and more stakeholders need to come together to keep more rural mothers aware and assisted. A recent report by UNICEF states that 25% of Nigerian children are stunted and more are even wasting. This is as a result of lack of nutritious foods, and sometimes, a lack of knowledge on how to prepare available foods in more nutritious ways.

According to the WHO; the most important ingredient in reducing the scourge of malnutrition in African nations is to get GOOD FOOD across to those who need them as quick as possible.

We have made some efforts to go offline to reach out to mothers from our small purse between July 2016 and now.

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What Mothers Are Saying About Our Foods

  • Not really clear but we rep and loooovvvvveee ur foods. I am a laboratory scientist and I keep telling mothers at the creche that yes my baby takes pap but trust me it's not the pap you know and I can bet it's a million times better than those processed foods. We made 8 months yesterday and we haven't missed out AugustSecrets foods for even a day.
  • OK... Thank You. This is no hype but your baby food is a Wonder. Even my hubby who’s not a believer is a fan now. My sis in-law who is a doctor at FMC Abeokuta introduced us to AugustSecrets. My Baby who was 6.8 at 7 months is now 10.2 at 10 months.
  • Yeah I’m here with my testimony, so Leon just clocked 6 months and I couldn't wait to start feeding him, today makes it the 3rd day and he ate his Nutty meal so well.... was so excited. Thanks for putting smiles on my baby's face... more wisdom in Jesus name…
  • Hello Toyin, thank you for the great job you're doing. May God continue to bless the works of your hands. Ever since I started giving my child the AugustSecrets brand his eating has taken co complete 360 and I can't be more grateful… gios_baby_store
  • See my chubby AugustSecrets baby... he has been taking them for months now and he enjoys having them... he is soo chubby, healthy, scintillating, and strong. The tantalizing aroma of the food is also mazeballs.. kudos to u for making it easier for mums to feed their babies healthy and nutritious meals...

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